Hydropsyche Elite

The new series of rods Hydropsyche Elite in 23 different models, is the result of a long search, to obtain a product of high quality and high performance in every fishing condition. Each model has been studied in detail up to the best, sure it is a high quality product that can amaze you with its lightness. All  blanks have been finished with a special finishing process in a spiral. This particular finish, as well as being extremely robust and scratch-resistant, gives the rod a new look and a new concept. All blanks are ultra slim, while presenting a significant layer of material. The materials used are the best on the market, and thanks to nano technology applied, with the merger of several layers of polymer resins, the end result is an extremely lightweight blank, and at the same time extremely robust and performant. All spigots are adjusted to allow for a better fitting of the barrel, and to avoid the danger that the pieces fit together. All the Rings series mounts Recoil mono-rings, reel seat gun-smoke and wood, cork top quality AAAA, high quality finishes. Supplied with Cordura lining and pipe. All models come in four pieces.Two years of hard testing, technology made ​​in Japan, to get to the end product with the top. The lightest, high performance rods on the market.

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